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When do Doctors Prescribe HGH?

homepage_imageHuman growth hormone (HGH) is one of the most important hormones of the human body; and it has direct links in balancing your body. If you are wondering if you have HGH deficiency, it is better that you talk to a physician. As unregulated use of HGH injections may result in side-effects, GH injections require prescriptions. However, following is a bulleted list of possible cases when your physician might recommend HGH for you.
  1. HGH deficiency: There are numerous reported cases when a person might lack the necessary level of HGH. Chronic virus infections, genetic reasons etc. are among the most common reasons behind HGH deficiency. If you want to be sure of your HGH level, a few simple medical tests can show your health condition.
  2. Muscle wasting: Are you unable to develop a six-pack muscle? If so, you may talk to your physician. Even if your HGH level is normal, it might need some HGH injections to come to your aid if you want to develop muscles.
  3. When aged: Have your crossed your 40s? Medical reports show that people over the age of 40 often suffer from HGH deficiency. The reason is that, the level drops every now and then if s/he does not do regular exercising.
  4. Height problems of kids: This might even be with your kid. If your kid is not growing as expected, you may have him/her given some regulated shots of HGH injections. This might come into direct help. Well, do not forget to talk to the physician first.
  5. For age management: Aging is a very natural phenomenon. It is unquestionable why we age; but, the major reason is growth hormone decrease. If you want to level your age, some HGH injections will come in help. But you have to be sure of the effects these injections might generate.
  6. If the pituitary gland malfunctions: There are many easy to hard reasons why the pituitary gland might not work properly. If your pituitary gland cannot produce human growth hormone, do not worry. Some external implant of HGH will do it for you. In situations like this, doctors prescribe HGH.
Finally, there are numerous other reasons why your physician might prescribe HGH injections. But, one thing that you should keep in mind is that it is extremely unwise to use HGH for sale  hormone releasers without realizing how much you need it.