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FAQ: How would I realize if I have HGH Deficiency?

To take HGH dosages or not to take is the question for many a number of our website visitors we get correspondence from. The first and foremost important part of opting for an HGH dosage plan is to understand whether your body requires synthesized HGH intakes or not. The simplest and most accurate way to have a good understanding of tentative HGH deficiency is to visit a physician and run a couple of tests that would give an appropriate level of HGH in your body. However, in this FAQ blog, we will try to give some ideas regarding when you would understand that you need HGH intakes.

When to realize HGH deficiency?

If you are someone over the age of 21, you would experience some common symptoms if you are running short of HGH secretion.
  1. Depression or anxiety: Depression is one of the basic traits of human emotion. But, we call it serious when depression or anxiety attacks very frequently. If you feel anxious about things you should not be depressed about, you might be running short of human growth hormone.
  2. Baldness: Some people take it for granted that baldness is a genetic issue in men, and there is absolutely nothing to do. However, even though getting bald is normal for some people, it needs firm ancestral and genetic history to determine that you are not HGH deficient. If that happens, you might run an HGH test.
  3. Decreased muscle mass and stamina: The human muscle is like elastic in many ways. Proper secretion and balanced physical exercise results in increased muscle mass. Plus, your stamina only gets better with a consistent exercising habit. However, if you notice sudden loss of stamina and imbalanced muscle mass, you should see a physician for possible HGH deficiency.
  4. Insomnia and memory loss: Many people relate insomnia with modern lifestyle and do not accept the fact that it is a disease. When acute sleeplessness strikes you and you start losing memory, things are not as simple as to blame your lifestyle. Rather, you need to see a doctor to sort things out without wasting any time.
  5. Weight gain and enlarged thigh area: If you are gaining weight rapidly, and there is not proper logic to substantiate that, chances are that you are running short of human growth hormone. In such cases, patients notice an expansion in there thigh areas.
  6. Dehydration for no reason: This is not a primary symptom, but many patients with HGH deficiency exclaim that they feel dehydrated for apparently no reason.
Finally, it is important to understand how the human growth hormone mechanism works. There is a small pea sized gland in the human brain which is called the pituitary gland. This gland is crucial for the human body because it produces the necessary growth hormone to supply throughout the body. If your pituitary gland does not produce adequate level of HGH, the need for injecting external lab-made synthesized HGH comes into necessity. So, if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms in you, you better talk to your physician for a diagnosis of HGH deficiency.