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HGH Dosage: How to Use HGH Properly?

hgh dosageWe get lots of questions every week regarding the proper use of HGH, dosing and side effects. If you are just going to start an HGH dosage, it is important that you set a goal and plan your dosing accordingly. The dosing plan this article covers is about HGH injections.

Proper HGH dosage

Planning your HGH dosing with some research is the first thing you should do as long as avoiding side effects is concerned. HGH dosages are designed based on IUs (international units) as well as on milligrams. 1 milligram of HGH injection contains 3 IU of the medicine. That means, 1 IU would measure 0.33 mg of the injection. HGH dosage plans come in 5, 10 and 15 IUs.
The level of IU you are recommended to take varies depending on your purpose. People usually take 2 IU per day to reduce aging effects, around 5 IU per day for bodybuilding and other muscle tone firmament purposes, around 7 IU for treating severe wounds. Other uses of the injection vary depending on the type of necessity you have.
Researchers have found that it is safe for the adults to use 3 IU of human growth hormone per day. This amount does not create any side effects. But, when you start using more than three, for example- 4 IU per day, the body starts producing certain side effects after some long term consumption. The risks get carried on based on the level of IU you take every day. But, when you are consulted to keep taking HGH dosage for a very long time in order to cure severe HGH deficiency, you are recommended to keep the consumption at around 3 IU per day.
One tricky thing many HGH consumers follow is to split up the use of HGH into multiple times a day. For example, if you have to take 4 IU per day, it would be recommended that you should take 2 shots of HGH twice per day. But, you should do all these after you hear from your physician.

How to avoid HGH side effects

Avoiding side effects is fairly easy if you can stick to the following rules.
  1. Diagnose for HGH deficiency and go for accurate HGH plans.
  2. Talk to your doctor prior to purchasing any HGH pack.
  3. Set a goal for your HGH consumption.
  4. Find FDA approved HGH injections from authentic online stores.
Finally, it is not easy to design proper HGH dosage plans. For doing that, you need to research. So, it is recommended that you do some online research and go for the most appropriate HGH dosage plan.