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Can Human Growth Hormone Help Us Grow Taller?

Over the years, there has been a multitude of information concerning human growth hormone. And one prevailing thought is that it can help us grow taller. Can HGH injections help us to grow taller? And is it safe to undergo such treatment just to experience an increase in height? Learn more about this as we are going to tackle this topic in today’s post. And while we’re at it, we are going to throw in a couple more tips on how to increase HGH in the body naturally. Here we go…

Height Is Might

Whether you are an adult or a teenager during puberty years, having a sufficient amount of human growth hormone is essential for increasing height. As most of us can notice, we tend to increase height faster during the adolescent stage. This because the growth plates in the body are fully opened and therefore allowing the pituitary gland to release HGH into the bloodstream. This stage is commonly referred to as the “growth period”. For kids and teenagers, HGH plays a huge role in physical development because not only it is needed to grow in height but HGH is also required to grow bones and cartilages. But can adults still make use of HGH to increase height? Of course! The fact of the matter is, even if most of the bones in your body are already fused, there is still one area where you can stimulate growth – your spine. In other words, your spine can still increase in length regardless of your age because our spine is composed of many bones connected with a cartilage called the "intervertebral discs”. Since these discs don’t fuse, you can still do something to increase its length. And that can only be achieved if you elevate the supply of HGH in your body.

But Is HGH Safe?

The answer to this will actually depend on the type of HGH that you are going to use. Basically, there are 2 types of HGH in the market today: the natural HGH and synthetic HGH. We recommend that you take natural HGH if you are healthy and not experiencing any abnormality in your body’s HGH level. On the other hand, if you are suffering from severe HGH deficiency, then that’s the time you take synthetic HGH (or HGH injections). Moreover, we don’t recommend that you take any of these if you have Acromegaly or too much supply of HGH in the body or you may suffer from severe complications.

Tips On How To Naturally Increase The HGH Level Of The Body

Finally, here are some tips can follow on how to naturally increase the human growth hormone levels of your body:

  1. Maximize your sleep by keeping your room pitch black and maintaining it at a temperature between 65-72 degrees.
  2. Increase melatonin as it will also help to increase HGH in the body.
  3. Relax by engaging in activities such as meditation and muscle stretching
  4. Exercise
  5. Reduce the body fat percentage in your body.